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Exciting News

In 2019 we will be acknowledging GCBN’s tenth anniversary. As one of the founders, I am very proud that we have been able to offer so many children and their families support and assist them on their grief journey. We have also reached out to help professionals build their skills and confidence, so that bereaved children will receive better support and be enabled to manage their grief to rebuild their lives.

We have been extremely grateful to the ARCHIE Foundation, who over the past eight years has funded our Coordinators post. As many of you know, Malcolm is the only person who is employed by GCBN, everyone else is a volunteer. We have a really exciting piece of news to share with our families and supporters, as over the past few months we have been in discussion with the ARCHIE Foundation to consider how we can work in a closer partnership with them, and after lots of consideration by the GCBN Trustees, we have decided that to ensure the long term future and to further develop our services, we will be moving to be part of the ARCHIE Foundation family. As far as our services are concerned there will be no changes, we will still provide the full range of our direct services, across the Grampian region. The main changes will be that we will be part of the ARCHIE Foundation Charity, and so eventually our email address will change, and we will secure the long term future of GCBN. All the money donated and raised for GCBN will still go directly to us, as there will be restricted funds within the ARCHIE Foundation. So this is a huge move forward for us, we feel that this move will enable us to able to increase and improve our services and we look forward to working with all the ARCHIE Foundation team and their Trustees.

Anne Bone, Chairwoman

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